Valentine’s Day 2014

“If I had a hammer…” goes the Pete Seeger song. ¬†Well, in the song it’s a hammer of justice, but the point of the song is love, and love means ALL kinds of love, which can sometimes be overlooked on Valentine’s. Drugstore bears and prixfixe dinner reservations are nice and all, but love is broader than romance. Sugarbuilt likes to focus on beauty, care, kindness, sexiness, intention, history, humor, and thoughtful noticing when creating designs, and also when it comes to love. We’re not named Saccharinebuilt, yo! Let’s hear it for all those you care about. Valentine’s Day is for everyone.

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The Chocolate Room, Dean and Deluca, Nourish Kitchen + Table, and With Love From Brooklyn


Anatomical Heart $8ea.


Sacred Heart (assorted) $9ea.


Vintage Lingerie (assorted) $8ea.


Ironwork Hearts (assorted) $7ea.